Perth Radio Competition Entry Lost By AusPost For 34 Years Finally Fkn Wins

Imagine remembering that thing you really had to get done, a solid 34 years after the fact. 

Think about it real hard, and you might just come close to the wave of emotion some poor Australia Post worker must have felt upon discovering an unsent radio competition entry from 1986. 
Then, imagine their relief when that entry finally reached its destination, only for its sender to win the bloody thing.

That’s essentially what’s just happened in the fine city of Perth, after radio station 96FM randomly received the old-arse entry in the post. After putting out the call for its original sender, one Robyn Auld, they actually tracked her down.
It turns out Robyn – now Robyn Liebeck, thank you very much – lives on a farm out in regional WA, but a rellie heard the station’s appeal and figured they’d give her a buzz. Robyn’s kids got in touch with 96FM to confirm her deets.

The station invited her down to discuss the tale of the instantly-legendary Brownes Dairi Choc Rock Contest entry, and in a move as sweet as we imagine Dairi Choc must have been, they surprised her with a cool $2,000 – the apparent monetary equivalent of the 96 records touted as the original competition’s top prize.

Hell, even Natalie Sarich-Dayton, a rep from Brownes Dairy, was on deck to hand over the goods. 

After all of this, we hope that letter-sorter, wherever they may be, reaches some kind of closure.

Source and photo: Supplied.