Perth Legend Drops Drive-By “Wanker” Heckling On Abbott And Friends

The secret of a successful heckling is timing. Timing is absolutely everything.

Whether it’s a deft “HEARD IT!” dropped on a hapless sweaty comic at the local Open Mic night, or a booming “YA MUM’S YA DAD!” right in a perfect lull as a rival full forward makes his approach at goal, getting the timing right is utterly crucial in taking your heckle from being part of the muddled din of crowd noise to a room-slaying bomb that people talk about fondly for years.
And in that upper annal now sits this one unidentified Perth champion – passing by in his car, spotting a press conference featuring Prime Minister Tony Abbott on the side of the road, and choosing the perfect moment to lob this gem from the FREEWAY, no less.

Take a bow, whoever you are. That is truly some hero-level work.
‘Course it’ll never hold a candle to the undisputed King.

But then again, nothing ever will.