A Perth motorist has been spotted cruising around with an actual goddamn shark strapped to the bullbar of their 4WD, in a video that has drawn both laughter and condemnation on Facebook. 

Julie Wright shared the video on the Perth & WA Fishing Reports page yesterday afternoon, saying, not unreasonably, that she “had to look twice” when she saw the vehicle cruising by. 
The exact species of the shark is unclear, but some Facebook commenters have pointed out that it resembles a tiger shark, which are not allowed to be caught recreationally off Perth if their inter-dorsal fin measures more than 700mm.

WA Today also point out that that the driver could be in strife for obscuring their number plate, which attracts a $1000 fine.
Watch, as peak levels of ‘Straya are achieved:

Just saw this in Safety Bay!! Had to look twice!! ????

Posted by Julie Wright on Sunday, January 3, 2016

Story: WA Today