It’s National Coming Out Day and a bunch of beautiful people on Twitter and Instagram have shared their personal stories of how they came out to the world. 

Some of them are heartbreaking tales of not being accepted, others are hilarious moments of ‘yes we knew’ from parents and loved ones. 

Happy #NationalComingOutDay ! ??????

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Coming out is never easy and it’s a journey that is different for every person. I was 22 in my journey, the age I could begin allowing myself the chance for real happiness. To allow myself not just happiness, but a chance to love, starting with myself. No matter when, no matter where, no matter how your journey unfolds, always remember that no one deserves to make you feel less than. This is a photo of one of the best moments in my life, the day my husband proposed. My 22 year old self never imagined I could have a life that so many people considered “different.” But this is what I call normal. And I’m damn proud my normal is having the hand in this photo be the hand of a man. May everyone forever and always be proud, be proud in your own unique personal journey through life, be proud of who you are and be proud in the life you create. Happy #NationalComingOutDay ??????

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Happy #NationalComingOutDay ! ?????? Watch my full video for #ItGetsBetter at the link in my bio now!

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It’s #NationalComingOutDay so I guess I should share my story. I was 16 the first time I fell in love. The girl was a close friend of mine and I was so deep in the closet that I didn’t know I was in it. I always insisted that I was straight. It took me three years to realize and accept that I was attracted to girls just as much as I was to guys. These days I alternate between identifying as bisexual and queer. I love women and men equally, but I’m open-minded; it doesn’t make much of a difference what anatomy someone has, as long as they identify as either male or female. In other words, I’m attracted to trans people too. And queer is a much faster way of saying that. #lgbt #pride #bisexual #queer

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Completely unsurpisingly, it looks like heterosexual people have been using the day to be general shitbags and are ‘coming out’ as straight, or demanding a ‘national straight day’. 

Mates, just let the LGBTQIA community have this one day. Just ONE day. You literally have every other day of the year to profess your straightness.

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People Shared Stories For National Coming Out Day & Its Cute AF