I don’t pretend to understand fashion. Given the privilege granted to be by society for the simple act of being a dude, all I have to do before leaving the house is put on pants and (occasionally) a shirt. I don’t understand the intricacies of makeup, this is not something I fully comprehend.

What I do comprehend is: putting memes on your face is dope. People do dumb shit with memes on the internet all the time, any asshole can do that. Doing dumb shit with memes using an actual skill that you have cultivated is awesome, and I only seek to encourage it.
What does that look like, you ask? Let’s take a look, starting with our dear friend, Salt Bae:

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It 100% does not stop there:
Some incredible fine detail Meryl Streep action:
Oh look, it’s Petty Skai Jackson:
Crying Kim K, obviously:
Honestly, these are all amazing:

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There is also some deeply passionate love for Spongebob (as he deserves): 

We live in a truly amazing time.
Photo: Instagram / ChelseyWolz.