If you’re interested at all in the works of Kanye West you’ve probably been at least tentatively anticipating the release of his latest, gospel-inspired album, ‘Jesus is King.’

The only problem? ‘Ye just about refuses to release it.

Originally scheduled to hit streaming services and music stores on September 27, the album was then played in full for a bunch of live listening parties in Chicago and New York before the release date was moved back to September 30.

Now, on October 1, we are one day past the updated release date and four days past the original schedule. And still… there is no ‘Jesus is King.’

Despite Kanye announcing the release of an iMax spectacular movie/documentary/art project to be released on October 25, also called ‘Jesus is King’, people are not at all impressed with Ye’s decision to keep pushing back the album’s release.

Of course, all of this was compounded when news started trickling out that that the album might not even have a release date at all anymore!

Now, those of you who follow Kanye closely probably aren’t all that surprised by this album release drama. It’s pretty much his bread and butter: build up anticipation, let people down momentarily, all before saving the day and giving desperate people what they want. This method is genius because often it doesn’t even matter if what you gave them is good!

There’s plenty of theories about what caused the album delay – and while one biblical reading of the mess is quite interesting to think about…

…it’s far more likely that Mr. Kanye West just straight-up “didn’t feel like it.”

At this point, just be thankful if we ever hear the damn thing.