Peking Duk Urge Sydneysiders To Hit Up This Sunday’s Anti-Lockout Rally

The legends from Peking Duk have joined Matt Barrie, Nina Las Vegas and Alison Wonderland in the now-huge collaborative conversation about Sydney‘s soul-destroying lockout laws, urging all residents of the once-vibrant city to help and join the cause. 

Adam Hyde & Reuben Styles posted a heartfelt and fervent call-to-arms on their Facebook page, saying that all Sydney-siders should attend Sunday’s ‘Keep Sydney Open‘ rally in order to save the city we all knew and loved. 
The pair also spoke of Sydney once upon a time being a excellent creative brewing pot, but explaining that they’ve noticed that their friends have mostly now had to change their careers directly due to the lockout laws. 

“Bartenders, travellers, music lovers, music makers, whiskey connoisseurs, larrikins, entrepreneurs, dancers and lovers would be united week by week, only to fill this city with a warming sound, colour and vibrance that one could find among cities such as Berlin and New York. The opportunities and inspiration Sydney would offer us all as individuals back then was unlike anything. Tens of thousands created careers out of our stunning nightlife, then it was all thrown away.”

To our fellow Sydneysiders,(As briefly as possible)We can not stress enough the importance of attending the Keep…

If you, like us, agree with Adam & Reuben and miss Sydney’s diversity and vibrance, make your presence known at the ‘Keep Sydney Open’ rally this Sunday. Details are here:

And don’t forget to sign this petition calling for the end of the lockout laws, which the lads reckon takes exactly 37 seconds to sign:
Source: Facebook
Photo: Facebook