Never underestimate the distracting power of weirdness. Clive Palmer, probably better than anyone right now, knows that extraordinarily well.

While his on-going Federal Court case regarding his involvement with Queensland Nickel and just what in the blue hell he did with that literal mountain of money the company had continues to plough ahead, Palmer has been doing the internet version of dangling a set of shiny keys in front of everyone’s eyes by embracing the time-honoured tradition of shitposting.

Palmer’s online transition from political laughing stock to Memes HQ has been so successful that it’s attracting the attention of the music world. Specifically, Peking Duk.

The electronic duo has taken quite a shine to Clive’s… let’s call them “interesting” internet poems that have been flooding his feeds for weeks now, and have introduced the phrase “the dog’s on the grog” into the modern Australian lexicon, for better or worse.

You know, the ones that look like this.

That’s his ‘The Road Less Taken,’ if you think about it. “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood“/”Pavlova pie, Pavlova tam.” Same/same.

Since Clive overhauled his Facebook page into a prominent source of memes, Peking Duk have been whiling away the hours by constantly commenting on poems, trying to get through to the Palmer United Party founder.

And apparently, it’s finally worked.

Adam Hyde, one half of the band, appeared on KIIS FM this morning to announce that, somehow, a collaboration between the band and Palmer’s poetry is on the way.

After Palmer shouted them out in a recent video, it seems that some form of his poetry will wind up as a sort-of interlude on an upcoming Peking Duk track.

Hyde spoke to KIIS presenters Matt & Meshel a few hours ago, stating that the band wanted to “let the man do his thing.

“No one can touch him, he is the hottest poet. No one knows what he means or what he’s saying, but either way, he is funny as hell.”

Hyde also half-promised to give KIIS the debut of the track whenever it decides to surface, so if you want to wrap your ears around it first you’re gonna have to endure a lot of Kyle & Jackie O (which I’m fairly sure most countries consider a form of torture that contravenes the Geneva Convention).

Meanwhile, in news that’s completely unrelated to any of that, Palmer’s court case concerning Queensland Nickel most recently featured a Clive claim that he has “no idea” why $15 million was transferred from the company into a personal bank account in Hong Kong that he controlled.

Palmer posited, I shit you not, that it “could have been parties or something, I don’t know,” and that “relatively speaking, it was a smaller amount of money than I was used to dealing with at that time.

But yeah nah, the poems. The poems are a lark.

Source: KIIS FM/Supplied.

Photo: Matt Blyth/Getty.