Influencers Are Sharing A Possible Trick For Getting Those Pesky PCR Test Results Back Quicker

Some people are claiming that they’re getting their COVID-19 PCR test results back on the myGov website before they get them via texts.

Of course, being stuck waiting for a COVID-19 test result is frustrating and let’s be real, pretty anxiety inducing. There’s been increasing reports of people waiting up over a week to get their PCR test results back which is obv a super stressful experience.

Now, some folks are claiming that they’re receiving results quicker via the myGov site.

Cameron Dunne, who you might remember from the 2021 season of Married At First Site wrote in an Insta Story that the myGov method could potentially be quicker.

“A tip for anyone waiting on PCR results. If you go to your myGov account, click on the COVID-19 dashboard and scroll down to Recent COVID-19 tests.

“Your results are often there 12-24 hours before you get a text.”

The same bit of info was shared by Jeff van de Zandt, a Melbs-based creative director and TikTok-er.

In an Insta Story, he said to check your myGov account.

“If you’re waiting on PCR results, go to the myGov website and go to My Health Record and you might actually find your results there”.

At the end of the video, he said he hadn’t received a text about his positive COVID-19 result but had seen his report.

An important thing to note with this method is that your COVID-19 test results will only show up on myGov if you were asked to give your Medicare details when you got tested.

On a Brunswick neighbourhood Facebook group in Victoria, one user shared that two of their previous PCR test results were uploaded on myGov at 7pm, but they didn’t receive the texts until 10.30 in the morning.

According to other comments, it seems as though whether the data gets uploaded is ultimately up to the pathology lab. That makes sense because of course, wait times for tests also vary from lab to lab.

The Department of Health also hasn’t commented on whether this trick is universal — though PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to it — so it’s not necessarily a be-all-and-end-all solution to long test result waiting times.

That being said, it does seem to be working for some people, so if you’re waiting on a PCR test result, it’s probably worth checking out the myGov site just in case.

Both Victoria and NSW have updated their testing regulations this week, meaning that most people won’t need to confirm their positive RAT result with a positive PCR test.

The idea is that that’ll help reduce the number of PCR tests needed and, hopefully, the wait times for those who do need a PCR test.