Paz De La Huerta X Marcus Gaab

Pseudo it-girl Paz de la Huerta has inexplicably become the poster girl for the R-rated art house set. The American actress with a proclivity for nakedness recently starred as a stripper in Gaspar Noé’s latest film Enter The Void and has a role as a mistress in Scorcese’s HBO prohibition era drama Boardwalk Empire.

Below is some of her more recent, less high-profile cinematographic effort in a short film by photographer Marcus Gaab taken during a the cover shoot for the latest, princess-themed issue of I Love You magazine – the personal blog of Gaab and partner Christiane Bördner. Gaab told Nowness the footage was based on his trailing her around the city as she played the lost Brazilian princess “Paloma” a character she created herself.

See Video Via Nowness