Remember that unfathomable nonsense Senator Pauline Hanson pulled a few weeks back? You know, when she showed up to parliament in a burqa, in order to dramatically unveil herself, thus proving… something.

Welp, turns out that little stunt might have some unexpected consequences for the Senate – namely, that they might get a dress code for the first time ever.

Like a disappointed principal dealing with a bunch of naughty kids, Senate president Stephen Parry has asked the committee in charge of the Senate rules to think about implementing a dress code, to stop any kind of high-level fuckwittery like Hanson’s from happening again.

Perry told the Senate committee:

In the absence of a clear rule against the use of apparel in this way, I have no formal power to deal with incidents like this. I must say from a personal perspective I am disappointed that the Senate will be asked to consider implementing rules rather than rely upon the personal discretion and good judgement of senators.

Ouch. Are you having flashbacks to that time the bad kid in your class got you all kept back after the bell because they threw the school turtle out the window when the teacher’s back was turned, or just me?

Obviously one would expect members of the Australian Senate to conduct themselves with a little bit of decorum and dignity, but also obviously those are not concepts at the forefront of Pauline Hanson’s small mind. A pity for all the other senators who were looking forward to casual Fridays, I guess.


Source: Buzzfeed
Image: Getty Images / Stefan Postles