Pauline Hanson’s Latest Conspiracy Theory Is ‘The Project’ Heading To ABC

Pauline Hanson has well and truly embraced Donald Trump-style shitposting, after attempting to meme her insane theory that The Project is up for sale into reality. 
In a demonstrably false string of tweets last night, the One Nation senator claimed that Channel 10′s current affairs program is on the way to the ABC.

Hanson, who has previously called host Waleed Aly “very one-sided and biased”, cited an anonymous source who told her the show has been valued at a stonking $16M. 

In a pretty rare move from the show, a quick tweet back confirmed that no, The Project is remaining at the network, even as it works through a period of voluntary administration.

What followed was a schoolground-level retort from the senator.

Despite the fact that not only The Project, but the ABC itself reportedly told Hanson that there was no such deal, Hanson maintained that her still-unknown source is a rock-solid fount of info.

While the financials at Channel 10 are certainly dicey at the moment, it’s another thing entirely to claim insider knowledge on the future home of one of the network’s biggest draws.

Nailed it, Pauline.

Source: Pauline Hanson / Twitter.
Photo: The Project / Facebook.