Pauline Hanson, brain genius, has been locked out of her own Twitter account by Twitter officials over a violation of the website’s terms & services regarding a video she posted that suggested cattle prods should be used to move on peaceful protesters.

Twitter brought the hammer down on the (deep sigh) Federal Senator’s account this afternoon after deeming an utterly bizarre video she posted two days ago – entitled “Pauline’s Plan to Punish Protester Pests” – violated their rules regarding abuse and harassment.

The video, which is still available on Facebook would you believe, featured a sort-of coherent Hanson cradling a cattle prod. She addressed the issue of climate and anti-Adani protestors in Brisbane by suggesting “let’s use one of these on them, they’ll soon move,” which when you think about it, “calling for peaceful protesters should be electrocuted” is almost about as normal as Hanson gets nowadays.

In response, Twitter “temporarily limited” some of Hanson’s account features. While the specifics aren’t know, generally speaking that tends to involve suspending her ability to post for a day or so. Her account feed remains accessible for the time being, and her verified blue tick is still attached to the account.

Hanson has reportedly appealed the suspension, which will really only last a matter of hours anyway but watch her try and claim it as a win once the time limit expires.

In a press release, Senator Hanson stated that the suspension was not as a result of her openly calling for violence to be inflicted on ordinary citizens exercising their lawful right to protest, and was in fact “just a concerted effort by the left to once again push for the censorship of conservative politicians and commentators” instead. Cool!

Twitter’s terms of service stipulates that users cannot “engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite people to do so,” which includes “wishing or hoping that someone experiences physical harm.”

Though that’s a loosely-applied rule at the best of times, but Twitter actually going so far as to suspend and restrict a prominent Federal Politician’s account remains a fairly rare and big move.

‘Course none of that’s gonna matter in a day or so when her account unlocks she regains the ability to post any old bullshit whenever she wants again, but for now that’s neither here nor there.

Image: Getty Images / Michael Masters