Pauline Hanson Slams “Bloody Idiots And Ratbags” Behind The Lamb Ad

Meat And Livestock Australia released its annual Australia Day lamb commercial this week, and as per usual, it was the subject of much discussion, omitting any mention of the day in question and leaning hard into its political message. 
The ad opens with a beach-side BBQ, riffing on the idea of indigenous Australians being the first to arrive, as more and more people pointedly rock up by sea, before celebrity chef Poh Ling Yeow asks: “Aren’t we all boat people?” 
It only took a few days, but One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has finally seen the commercial, and if you imagined large jets of steam coming out of her ears in response to its message of inclusiveness, then you’d be about right.
In a statement to News Corp, Hanson said:
“It really is pretty sad, isn’t it? It’s bloody idiots out there, ratbags. It’s pretty sad when it’s basically shutting us down for being proud of who we are as Australian citizens.”

On the deliberate omission of the words ‘Australia Day’, Hanson continued:

“It’s the day we celebrate forming our nation, our federation, our government, and it’s being shoved to one side for this political correctness and making everyone feel good about themselves.” 

“Why have these people come here in the first place? Because they want to be Australians. It’s taking away the whole identity and suppressing who we are as Australians. I’m saddened by this, I really am.” 

“I think it’s a constant battle by people like myself to actually get out there and say we are proud to be Australian, that’s who we are, it’s our identity. We’re destroying our own identity, who we are, to make other people coming in feel good.”
The commercial has faced criticism from a number of indigenous Australians, albeit for quite different reasons, with some blasting its use of colonisation as a marketing tool. Journalist Amy McQuire told ABC Radio

“The continual pain, the real pain felt on this date for their own purposes, [being used] for a marketing stunt – in the end that’s the most offensive part of it, to use Aboriginal pain”

“There’s Aboriginal people dying in custody now, Aboriginal people who’re having their children taken away, Aboriginal people who’re suiciding on a regular basis, and a lot of that oppression does stem from that original invasion, which Australia celebrates on this day.”   

“So to use that as just a marketing ploy to sell lamb – and I have to note that a lot of Aboriginal people were massacred supposedly for stealing sheep, so that’s the irony here – is even more disgusting.”

Source: News Corp.
Photo: Facebook.