Pauline Hanson Is Upset That The People In Her Party For Racists Are Shit

Despite her having shown nothing but prejudice and incompetence over the course of a two-decade political career, the Australian media loves nothing more than giving Pauline Hanson a chance to rehabilitate her own image. When she’s not spinning a wheel to decide which racial minority she’s going to vilify next, she’s dancing on a reality TV show or doing paid appearances on breakfast television. Now, in the midst of one of her Senate candidates resigning because of leaked video of him being a complete dickhead in a US strip club, she’s gone on A Current Affair to have a whinge about how she’s treated unfairly.

In a teaser clip, a tearful Hanson is shown talking about a number of ex-One Nation people who she believes have wronged her: “I cop all this s—, all the time, and I’m sick of it. Absolutely sick of it. I’ve had Fraser Anning, I’ve had Brian Burston. I’ve had a whole list of them, David Oldfield, you name them. Where are they now?

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Anning, now one of the most outspoken political figures in Australia’s far-right, quit One Nation the day that he was sworn into the Senate, following a falling out with Hanson. Brian Burston (now a member of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party) also quit One Nation after a falling out with Hanson, as did former senator Rod Culleton. David Oldfield, co-founder of the party, was kicked out of One Nation after — you guessed it — a falling out with Pauline Hanson.

Who would have thought it: You head up a party whose major policy position is that anyone with a non-white skin tone should be viewed with, at best, scepticism and, at worst, malice, and all of a sudden you’re surrounded by incompetent, unreliable dickheads with bad intentions. There was no way to predict that this would happen.