Pauline Hanson Takes Time Out Of Busy Day To Say She’d Kick A Nine-Year-Old

Queensland senator Pauline Hanson has taken time away from her busy schedule of alienating everyone who has ever worked under the One Nation umbrella to say a nine-year-old primary school student who refused to stand up during the national anthem should be pulled out of the public education system, and that she deserves “a kick up the backside.”

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In a new Facebook video discussing Harper Nielsen, who faced disciplinary action at Brisbane’s Kenmore South State School for silently protesting the national anthem, Hanson said “there are rules in this country.”

Discussing Nielsen’s objections to the song’s lyrics – the Year 4 kid told ABC she believes they do not adequately represent or acknowledge Indigenous Australia – Hanson said “here we have a kid, is being brainwashed, and I’ll tell you what: I’d give her a kick up the backside.”

“I’ve got no problems with standing your ground,” Hanson said of the pre-teen’s objections, but added “we’re talking about a child who has no idea what is history, what is happening”.

As it stands, Nielsen has been hit with detention over the protest.

In a statement, the Queensland Department of Education and Training said Kenmore South has been in contact with Nielsen’s parents, adding the school allows students who do not wish to sing the anthem to stand outside the hall.

The department denied claims Nielsen is facing suspension of exclusion due to her stance. No word on Hanson’s kick-happy outlook, though.