Pauline Hanson Offered Meme Queen Miss Double Bay A Job And She *Respectfully* Declined

pauline hanson instagram story

A week without Senator Pauline Hanson making headlines wouldn’t really be a week at all, but this time it isn’t because she’s done something crazy again. This time, it’s all about the memes.

Please cast your fishing rod, and your mind, back to the popular Aussie memes about Pauline Hanson that were once making the rounds after she posted a video of her fishing and saying “this one is for the girls.”

Well, it’s resurfaced thanks to Instagram meme queen Miss Double Bay, and this time Hanson herself has taken notice of it. Coincidentally, things became a lot less fun around the same time that Hanson noticed the meme. Go figure.

Before we get into Hanson’s reaction, however, and Miss Double Bay’s iconic clap back to Hanson’s reaction, let’s start at the beginning.

Firstly, Miss Double Bay posted an edit of the Hanson fishing meme to the iconic (and highly memeable) song Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders. Here it is below in all of its glory.

If you didn’t watch the video the whole way through, I recommend you do, because it has given us iconic pics like this one right here:

pauline hanson meme
Hang this in the Louvre immediately.

Somehow Hanson managed to find the meme and shared it to her very own Instagram account. Who on Earth has been showing Hanson the Miss Double Bay memes?

“I’m impressed,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

“Whoever did this should come and work for me.”

pauline hanson miss double bay meme

After receiving this offer to come and work for Hanson, Miss Double Bay hit back with the spiciest response. We have to stan the international woman of mystery, we really do.

“While I’m flattered by your job proposal, I have a strong ethical code that includes not working for a flaming racist *allegedly*,” she wrote to her Insta story.

“Kind regards, Miss Double Bay.”

I think the real icing on the cake here is that the colour palette behind this incredible clapback is simply banging. Would love this framed in my kitchen, please and thank you.

miss double bay pauline hanson reaction flaming racist

Well, there you have it. One second Hanson is dancing next to Mike Wazowski with a fishing rod, and the next she’s being slammed as a flaming racist.

If you need me I’ll be looking at Miss Double Bay memes.