Oh, Paul Dempsey. You magnificent, beautiful bastard. What did we ever do to deserve you?

Something For Kate‘s unfairly talented lead singer and chief songperson stopped by Triple M‘s Sydney studios and took on The One Percenters’ ‘Song Remains The Same‘ challenge, also known as Like A Version on Triple J, also known as Undercover on the AV Club, etc, etc. Their challenge to him? Miley Cyrus‘ “Wrecking Ball.” And he fucking nailed it.

Pauly D’s certainly no stranger to banging together the odd cover version. Throughout last year he posted a series of YouTube videos entitled Shotgun Karaoke, which saw him belt out an acoustic hit backstage on each stop of the most recent Something For Kate tour. So good were the results, he went and recorded an EP of them. Onya, Dempo.

For pete’s sake just shut up and listen to the cover, would you? It’s spectacular.

What? No. YOU’RE crying. Shut up. I have allergies.