Parliament Suspended After Protestors Legit Superglue Their Hands To A Railing

Today’s question time was temporarily suspended after activists crashed the session in protest of Australia‘s indefinite offshore detention of asylum seekers, with one protester yelling “We are here today because your policies are breaking our hearts because every day on Manus and Christmas Island is another day in hell.

Speaker Tony Smith called off the session after the group of about 30 people started chanting from the public gallery, where they had super-glued their hands to the railing, with many MPs leaving the chamber until the protesters were removed.
Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance took credit for the protest on their twitter:
There was a pretty mixed reception from the pollies, which very conveniently fell along the same lines as their party’s support for offshore processing – for instance, Adam Bandt (against offshore processing):
Tim Watts (for offshore processing):
George Christensen (extremely for offshore processing):
The footage of the protesters being removed is pretty gnarly and I would 100% recommend watching this on mute or at least with the audio turned down if you are in public and don’t have headphones in:
The session resumed around 2:30pm after the last of the protesters who had glued themselves to the railing were removed with the help of some hand sanitiser. 
Source: Sky News
Photo: Twitter / @MattDoran91.