If you thought getting a parking ticket was bad, you could now be copping a demerit point or two along with it under new laws introduced in NSW.

If you fuck up your parking job bad enough, NSW parking inspectors now have the power to issue a maximum of two demerit points on top of a fine. For example, leaving a stationary vehicle on or near a children’s crossing, pedestrian crossing, marked foot crossing or bicycle crossing will set you back a painful $337 and two demerit points.

You’ll cop the exact same fine and demerit points for parking in an intersection, within 10 metres of an intersection without traffic lights, or within 20 metres of an intersection with traffic lights. No bueno.

Parking in a disabled spot will score you one demerit point, along with a hefty $561 fine, and leaving your car on or near a level crossing will see you cop one demerit point and a $337 fine.

In other words, demerit points won’t be issued with your run of the mill parking fines, you gotta do something especially shitty to warrant them, but still, folks are fuming at the idea of parking inspectors – who are not police – giving them out.

Inspectors have actually been able to dole out demerit points for the past couple of months at their own discretion, but now that this grace period is over, they have no choice.

Watch your parks, folks.

Source: News.com.au
Image: AAP