So, uh. Park employees at Disneyland Paris found a body in the haunted house ride just before the park opened on Saturday morning.

La Parisien reports that the deceased was a park employee, who was apparently electrocuted while working on a faulty light fixture in the house, which was named ‘Phantom Manor’.

He was found at 9am, and the ride was immediately shut down, and will probably remain closed until Wednesday. 

“He was much appreciated by his colleagues,” said Patrick Maldidier, a representative of the worker’s union. “He was someone who always had a smile.”

Electrical faults and fires can be a serious problem in amusement park rides if they’re not properly maintained. Australia faced its own tragedy along those lines in 1979, when seven people were killed at Luna Park in Sydney when the Ghost Train caught fire.

Disneyland Paris is no stranger to tragedy either – in 2010, another employee died after being trapped under a boat while cleaning the park’s ‘It’s A Small World’ ride.

Source: Mashable.

Photo: Getty Images  / Bretrand Guay.