Actress, model and famous daughter of Michael Jackson, 19-year-old Paris Jackson, has been in Australia for the past few days, patting the local wildlife and being sponsored by Myer to attend the Melbourne Cup.

Unfortunately, she apparently feels like she has not been given a fair go by the local tabloid media, posting a very upset Instagram update earlier today.

it breaks my heart to have visited the most beautiful country i’ve ever seen and may ever see, and meet the kindest most genuine people, and then be shredded to pieces by their monstrous media. despite the nasty and cruel words, i still can’t wait to come back. thanks for the support aus tabloids, you guys are fantastic and i hope you feel big and strong for tearing down a teenage girl.

It’s likely that Jackson is addressing one or both of two small media frenzies over her behaviour during the visit.

The first was when she made some interesting faces at photographers from inside the Birdcage at the Melbourne Cup, which led the Herald Sun to publish the extremely poor taste headline “WACKO JACKO 2.0“.

The other was when she made an ill-advised dingo joke on her Instagram story – basically she posted a picture of herself patting a dingo, captioned with Lindy Chamberlain‘s immortal words.

The offending post on Paris Jackson’s Instagram.

She quickly realised that she’d offended people, thanks to some unflattering media coverage:

But we all know that things like apologies don’t mean shit to tabloids, so it appears the damage has been done. Sorry ’bout that, Paris. Please do actually save the Great Barrier Reef.

Image: Getty Images / Graham Denholm