Over 100,000 SA Properties Still Don’t Have Power After Storm Batters State

Power outages continue across South Australia this morning after a massive, “once in 50 years” storm hit, with intense rain and wind gusts of up to 115km/h leaving the entire state without power.

SA Power Networks reports that there are 112,623 properties still without power, though Adelaide and most of the surrounding metropolitan area had electricity restored late last night. Areas in the northern regions of the state are expected to be without power for much longer than metro areas.
Thankfully, the SES reports that there were no reported injuries overnight. They received about 37 calls, many of which were about fallen trees. Public transport is back online, but as you might expect it’s not going to be a rigidly followed timetable.

It looks like hell at Adelaide Airport as well. Reports suggest there are long, long security queues, and suggestions are trickling in that domestic flights are unlikely to leave until later this evening.

The cause of the drama is obviously still being specifically diagnosed, but it appears that over 22 power stations around Augusta were destroyed by the wild weather, an issue compounded by a whole lotta lightning.
“It’s estimated that around 80,000 lightning strikes hit Adelaide and South Australia over the course of the last period, some of them hit our electricity infrastructure, including our generators,” said Premier Jay Weatherill.
The weather is expected to remain pretty bloody bad today and over the next few days thanks to the historic low pressure system that moved over the state. 
“We’re expecting further rains [on Thursday] and afternoon and there are destructive winds of up to 125km/hr forecast for the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula,” Weatherill continued.

“This has the potential to cause significant damage for the west coast of South Australia, in particular the Elliston region.”

Stay safe out there, South Australia.

Source: The Advertiser.
Photo: Twitter / @EVReecho.