Our Blessed Election-Day Sausage Sizzle Has Finally Spread To ‘Murica

This just in: our most sacred of election-day traditions has finally crossed the threshold into America‘s subconscious – and not a moment too bloody soon.
Michael Rowland, co-presenter of ABC News Breakfast, is spearheading the #democracysausage movement from a polling station in Washington DC, where he took time out from reporting on the Clinton / Trump death-match to flip some snags on a portable BBQ.

The feeling is that, if American voters must be subjected to ballot papers that actually bear Donald Trump‘s name, the very least we can do is provide them with something delicious to help ease the pain.
It’s still early days but our contribution is already being hailed as the best gift we’ve bestowed on our friends since fairy bread and the Hemsworth bros.

To our American friends and foes alike: YOU’RE WELCOME.

Photo: Twitter / @Kimb0baggins.