Our Agriculture Minister Admitted He DGAF If Climate Change Is Manmade

If there’s one thing you want to hear in the midst of the worst drought in years, it’s that Australia’s Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources David Littleproud “doesn’t really give a rat’s” if climate change is manmade or not.

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That very good and totally fine admission was made during last night’s edition of Q&A, when the expert panel was asked whether it’s in Australia’s best interest to pursue renewable energy generation over the use of fossil fuel sources.

After audience member and farmer named Meg said it’s clear the weather is being affected by climate change, and that she believes our use of fossil fuels is a primary cause of that phenomenon, Littleproud said “farmers have been dealing with a changing climate since we first put a till in the soil.”

When pressed by host Tony Jones on whether our use of carbon-emitting fuel sources is directly responsible for a changing climate – a theory held by the vast majority of the scientific community – Littleproud said “that’s a big call.”

“The reality is I don’t really give a rat’s whether it’s manmade or not,” he continued.

“If we move to renewables for a healthier environment, better air, that’s great. Let’s do it in a responsible way that we can all afford.”

He went on to emphasise the importance of keeping power prices down, saying “the reality with energy is the market should decide” how we go about meeting emissions targets.

Because the free market’s first priority is obviously maintaining a somewhat normal climate.

It’s great stuff. Just wonderful. Have a peek below: