OUCH: Georgia Love Says She’s “Embarrassed” To Be Linked To ‘The Bachie’

We’ve all had brief, intense phases that we look back on with subdued horror. Fortunately for us civilians, most of us don’t have to go through those inexplicable compulsions on a public stage.

Not so Georgia Love, the woman who stole and promptly broke Bachie star Matty J‘s heart on last year’s season of The Bachelorette, and who is apparently not above watching a former flame fend off the advances of dozens of clone-like women.

According to the Daily Mail, who’ve clearly been advised by a mole on Love’s Facebook friends list, the ex-Bachelorette has indeed been watching The Bachelor. However, it appears she came to the end of her viewing capacity pretty rapidly.

“Did I actually just watch a girl mocking a guy jacking off on national TV at 8pm? WHAT IS HAPPENING“, she wrote, apparently referring to the hand mould-making scene between Matty J and Dutch model Florence.

Either that, or this spectacular bit of to-camera genius:

A friend responded to her status asking if she was in fact talking about The Bachelor, and Love responded “Yes! I’m so embarrassed I’m linked to this show“.

Half an hour into the ep, and she was “officially tapping out“.

It’s good to know that even people who’ve been in front of the cameras find the experience of watching a gaggle of grown women fight among themselves for the affections of a man who’s generously been described as “a Kelpie with abs” as gruelling as we do.

Go kiss your hunky boyfriend, Love, you romantically-blessed monster. Leave the gruesome spectacle that is The Bachelor to the rest of us.