Osher Reckons The Way Aus Treats Indigenous People Is ‘Colonialist Bullshit’ & Honestly Same

Osher has said what we’re all thinking about the way we treat Indigenous people: it’s “old school, colonialist oppression and bullshit”. So true, bestie.

Australia’s (and God’s) favourite reality TV host made the comments on ABC’s Q&A panel show on Thursday night while discussing the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

The Uluru Statement was a two-year process of consultation with First Nations Australians which culminated in the recommendation that a referendum be held on whether or not to create a constitutionally enshrined First Nations voice to Parliament. The idea is that it would give Indigenous people a say on laws which affect them.

Osh acknowledged that a referendum was a legal requirement to change the constitution — but still reckons that’s colonial bullshit anyway. And honestly, same.

“To be asked to vote whether someone‘s humanity is legitimate — a person who has descended from the people who were here before the colonial oppressors took over,” Günsberg said.

“I’d be disgusted to be asked to vote on it … It’s their land, man.

“We’re asking them to sit while we debate if their humanity and their reason to exist and their dignity is worth writing down.”

Osh said the prospect reminded him of the same-sex marriage postal vote, which caused significant harm to the LGBTIQ+ community.

Cobble Cobble woman and constitutional law professor Megan Davis helped write the statement and was on the panel alongside Osh.

She agreed with the point he made, but added the referendum and the statement gave the Indigenous community agency over their futures.

“In any recognition exercise anywhere in the world, there’s the recogniser, the Australian people, and there’s the to be recognised.

“That’s precisely why … me and others went to Tony Abbott in 2015 and said ‘you need another process so mob can contribute to what recognition might look like’.”

You can watch the whole thing here. The good bit starts at about 28 minutes in.

Labor heavyweight Chris Bowen was on the panel too, but wouldn’t commit to a referendum date if his party is elected in the upcoming election. Boo.