Oscar Pistorius Will Be Released From Jail On Probation In August

Oscar Pistorius will walk out of the prison he is currently being held in in August, after serving just 10 months of a 5 year prison sentence for shooting his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp dead.

Officials in South Africa have indicated that Pistorius will leave the prison facility on August 21st. South African law dictates an offender is eligible for parole after serving one sixth of a sentence, with the remainder of the sentence to be conducted under “correctional supervision,” most likely in the form of house arrest. Pistorius was granted the decision from the parole board following sustained good behaviour behind bars.
Though the freedom could be short lived. Pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide and sentenced to five years jail last October. Prosecutors have maintained that his acquittal of murder charges was grossly unsatisfactory, and an appeal of the decision is scheduled to take place in November.
Meanwhile, Reeva Steenkamp’s family have been very firm in asserting their belief that 10 months served in jail is simply not enough, despite having forgiven Pistorius for his actions. In a submission to the parole board – that ultimately fell on deaf ears – the Steenkamp family made their feelings abundantly clear.

“We have forgiven Mr Pistorius even though he took the life of our precious daughter, Reeva. Our lives will never be the same as we live with the sadness of her death every day.”

“Reeva had so much to offer this world and we were all robbed of her life when she was killed. As her family, we do not seek to avenge her death and we do not want Mr Pistorius to suffer; that will not bring her back to us. However, a person found guilty of a crime must be held accountable for their actions.”

“Statistics show that our society is under continuous attack from criminals and murderers. Incarceration of 10 months for taking a life is simply not enough. We fear that this will not send out the proper message and serve as the deterrent it should.”

Legal authorities in South Africa are not expected to oppose the decision handed down by the parole board. Pistorius will be confined to house arrest, with one hour of free time each day. Over time, these conditions are expected to relax – allowing him to, for example, attend church sermons, but not to socialise at night whilst the sentence is still in effect.

If the prosecution’s Supreme Court appeal is upheld in November, Pistorius could be sent back to prison on a murder verdict for a minimum of 15 years.
Photo: Alexander Joe via Getty Images.