Oscar Pistorius Walks Around Courtroom W/o Prosthetics On Day 2 Of Hearing

The second day of Oscar Pistorius’ re-sentencing hearing for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp has finished. 
On the first day, Pistorius’ legal team asked that his mental condition be taken into consideration. Defence witness Dr. Jonathon Scholz said Pistorius had developed a severe psychological condition, and should be hospitalised, not jailed. 
Today, the former athlete took off his prosthetic legs and walked around the courtroom grabbing desks for support, in order for his counsel to speak about his disability. 
His defence counsel Barry Roux said this as Pistorius walked around on his stumps:

“I don’t want to overplay vulnerability … I don’t want to overplay disability … It doesn’t mean because he’s vulnerable that he can do what he likes. That’s not what we say.

But when we’re entering the field of sentencing, look at that man’s conduct … Please let’s understand … who is this man that you must sentence?”
It has been reported that people in the courtroom were expressing shock and tears as the Paralympian walked around without his prostheses. 
You can watch the footage below:
The judge also allowed state chief prosecutor Gerrie Nel to show images of Steenkamp’s body after being shot through the door, which PEDESTRIAN.TV will not publish out of respect. 
Nel said this about the decision to show the jury and court the images:
“Isn’t it time we now finally let the world see what this accused did with four black talon rounds through a door?”
She also said that while Pistorius and his counsel continue to talk about how much the athlete is suffering, Reeva Steenkamp ‘disappears’:

“She is just as important as the personal circumstances of the accused … She can never walk in court.”
This day concluded the hearing, and Judge Thokozile Masipa will hand down Pistorius’ final sentencing on July 6. 
Source: The Guardian / Mirror. 
Photo: Pool / Getty.