Oscar Pistorius Got Into A Fight In A Johannesburg Nightclub

Former South African paralympian/olympian Oscar Pistorius, currently on trial for the 2013 shooting murder of his girlfriend Reeve Steenkamp, got himself into a spot of bother when a visit to a Johannesburg nightclub quickly turned into a brawl with a member of the public.

After entering the nightclub, Pistorius – along with a cousin – were allegedly sitting quietly in the club’s VIP area when a patron confronted him and “aggressively engaged” him about matters pertaining to the ongoing case. A scuffle ensued, and club security intervened, at which point Pistorius left the premises.
Depending on who you ask, there appears to be two sides of the story. According to the club, the patron aggressively pushed Pistorius about the case, Pistorius asked to be left alone, and when the patron continued to press, Pistorius pushed him. But according to the patron, Oscar was drunk and aggressive, repeatedly shouted “You’ll never get the better of me” and prodding him in the chest with a finger, before the patron pushed Pistorius over a chair and security intervened.
Whatever the case, it seems profoundly unwise for a man currently on trial for murder in arguably South Africa’s highest profile court case since The Rivonia Trial to be out and about visiting nightclubs.
Pistorius has also recently broken his long held social media silence, posting seemingly repentant Bible verses and photos of himself with children to his Twitter account.

With the trial reaching a close – Pistorius defence has wrapped up, with closing arguments the only thing to come prior to the Judge’s verdict – it seems that the mental toll of the ordeal is far greater than anyone might have realised.

Though it’ll never equate to the physical price it cost Reeva Steenkamp.
Photo via Getty Images.

via SMH.