Orlando Nightclub Shooter Confirmed Dead In ‘Mass Casualty Situation’

Orlando Police have announced “around 20” people have died as a result of this morning’s attack on the city’s Pulse Nightclub

Speaking to the media, Chief John Mina said those casualties are in addition to 42 hospitalisations. All of those victims are being treated for gunshot wounds. 

Mina said there were close to 320 patrons inside the LGBTI+ friendly club at the time of the attack, at 2am local time. 

After receiving calls from those inside, police were able to knock down a wall with an armoured vehicle, rescuing at least 30 still inside the venue. 
He said the shooter was armed with an assault rifle, a handgun, and what was termed a “suspicious device” – which some witnesses claimed earlier as a bomb.

One law enforcement officer was injured in the incident. 

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is classifying the attack as an act of domestic terrorism, but there is no known risk of attacks elsewhere.

The FBI will be leading the investigation into the incident.

Earlier, Orlando Police confirmed the shooter had killed by law enforcement officers. 

The confirmation came after witnesses on the scene uploaded footage showing heavy volleys of gunfire.

Orlando Police conducted a controlled detonation on or near the club’s premises; Mina told the media those blasts were “distractionary devices”, not related to any explosive device that may or may not have been in the shooter’s possession.

We’ll update this story as it develops.