Cops Arrest Five Over Daringly Stupid Heist Of 4 Tonnes Of Oranges

Police in the southern Spanish city of Seville have arrested five people for the absolutely daring heist of 4,000kg of delicious oranges from a nearby town.

The group of would-be orange-pilferers were travelling with their juicy, juicy haul in two separate cars when police pulled them over. They’d aroused suspicious for driving too close to one another – a rookie error for wannabe citrus crims.

Upon checking the vehicles, cops found them absolutely stuffed to the brim with loose oranges, which you have to admit looks like it would be possibly the most annoying crime imaginable. Just picture stuffing all those oranges into every available inch of airspace inside your car. You’d rather rob a bank with a potato peeler, just quietly.

The second car had the oranges in larger bags, which makes more sense to me, tbh:

The group claimed the fruit “came from far away” and that they “had been picking them up from the ground”. That story didn’t particularly hold up – the cops quickly learned that a a shipment of oranges from the nearby town of Carmona had just been stolen.

Spain produces a helluva lot of oranges. The country exports about half of the oranges in the European Union.

Better luck next time, folks.