Damn. I’m really a fan of OnlyFans. The “farm to table” of the porn world, cutting out the middleman and putting those sweet dollary doos (and more importantly, the POWER) straight into the hands of the people who deserve them – the sexy people. A round of applause for the sexy people, please.

Just like your run of the mill porn site, you can see just about anything on OnlyFans. Because people get their rocks off to different shit.

Don’t hate, @DMarcus – just because it’s not your niche doesn’t mean it’s not someone else’s. One man’s scroll is another man’s hole. (I just made that up, let me know if it resonates).

As someone who is always rewatching The Simpsons, and stopping for regular porn breaks, I have felt my wires getting a little crossed if you know what I mean. I am half embarrassed to say I have sought out that cartoon category on Pornhub, which include animated videos of Marge Simpson banging Leela, or Lois Griffin or similar. It does the job, but sometimes I can’t look in the mirror for a while after watching it.

But lucky for me, and maybe for you, I’ve found an OnlyFans account that is making me feel a little less freaky, yet a lot more freaky at the same time.

Laura Lux is an Aussie OnlyFans content creator living in the U.S., sometimes she dresses as your favourite Springfield resident, and sometimes she’s wearing… Nothing at all, (nothing at all, nothing at all).

Here she is taking stupid sexy Flanders to the next level. This is the SFW version on her Twitter. There is a topless version on OnlyFans, which I bought for about $10 and I’ve already gotten my money’s worth.

Can we take a minute to acknowledge the quality of the cosplay, if nothing else??

Here she is as Moe, who although I love – I never thought of as sexy until now (the Moe pics on OF are straight fuego baby).

I’m definitely not the only person enjoying this. Laura tweeted about her Simpsons posts have prompted more Onlyfans sign ups than any of her other content. And to my absolute delight, she has confirmed there is more sexy Simpsons content to come, no pun intended.

I vote Edna Krabappel, who in my humble opinion always had it going on.

If you recognise Laura at all, it may be because she was the ledge who got the R.I.P Harambe tattoo.


You can subscribe to Laura’s OnlyFans here.