Online Petition Aims To Create Fashion Industry Boycott Of Terry Richardson

Walking handlebar-mustache, scummy plaid-wearing sleazebag and alleged sex offender Terry Richardson is once again copping the all consuming wrath of his haters. Richardson previously wore the criticism of the then 14-year old perfect angel known as Tavi Gevinson, who steered her fashion blog Style Rookie in a satisfying turn for the accusatory, criticising brands who defended Richardson, “But it’s ART! He’s an ARTISTE!” OH, my bad! Sorry, I’ll just step out
of your way and let you continue with your Disturbed Genius/Troubled
Artist Technique of sexually harassing people, then!”

Similarly, A petition on by Alice Louise has gained significant support over the past few days, titled, “Vogue, H&M, Mango, Supreme, & all other brands: Stop using alleged sex offender Terry Richardson as your photographer.” However, even if the petition does reach its desired 50,000 signatures, canning Richardson from the biz would be a pretty difficult move – considering that everyone from Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey, Nicole Kidman, Madonna, American Apparel, Vogue and every fashion brand ever seem to unequivocally adore the questionable dude.

The petition passionately continues by saying, “These allegations need to be looked at more closely and the appropriate justice received…Terry Richardson has produced countless pornographic photographs
however two that particuarly stand out are one of a woman in a trash
can giving Richardson a sexual favour as if to suggest she is ‘garbage’
and a picture of a woman giving Richardson a sexual favour with the word
‘SLUT’ writen on her forehead. Why are the big brands we buy from
assosiating themselves with this kind of imagery?”

Good question, concerned petition writer. Probably because he generates unprecedented levels of hype, is the only person who would think attaching a naked Miley Cyrus to a wrecking ball would be a good idea, and seeing as he just posted a series of threatening as hell portraits of medieval weaponry on his tumblr, he’s not the kind of dude that likes to be fucked with.

If you want to symbolically uproot Terry Richardson’s career held firmly within the NSFW realm, sign the petition here.

Via Refinery 29.