Fuck: It’s Been One Year Since The First COVID Death Bc Time Flies When You’re In A Pandemic

It’s officially been one year since the first COVID death and the world descended into madness.

On January 11 2020, it was reported that a man had died from contracting “the new type of coronavirus.” The 61-year old man from Wuhan died from pneumonia and was one of 41 people diagnosed with COVID at the time, according to The Guardian. 

The virus, which began in December 2019, was linked to a wholesale food market in Wuhan. On December 31 2019, the World Health Organisation reported that patients in Wuhan were being treated for pneumonia from an unknown source.

Fast forward to January 30 and WHO declares COVID a “public health emergency of international concern.” As there is ongoing fear that the virus will quickly spread around the globe.

On March 9, Italy entered a nationwide lockdown and by March 19 their death toll had overtaken China’s.

At the end of March, the US has more confirmed coronavirus cases than any other country in the world. The US still holds that title, nationwide they currently have 22,406,747 cases, according to the The Guardian.

At this time, Australia is on an infection rate trajectory similar to the US, UK and Italy. However, federal and state governments acted fast closing non-essential businesses and restricting indoor/outdoor public gatherings. Australia pretty much closes its international borders, with returning travelers having to quarantine for 14-days on March 29.

By May, it looked like Australia was keeping its COVID numbers under control, with recovery rates outnumbering infection rates. But then Victoria happened…

On June 17, the Department of Human Health and Services detected a cluster at quarantine hotel  Stamford Plaza. That cluster eventually grows to 46. On July 4 the Victorian government placed a hard lockdown on nine public housing towers and the state recorded 108 new cases.

On July 6, the border between NSW and Victoria shut for the first time in a century. On August 2, Victoria records 671 cases and seven deaths and stage 4 restrictions are imposed.

112-days later Victoria finally begins to exit its hard lockdown, as it records zero new cases (double donut day).

A year on from the first COVID death, Australia has an estimated 312 active cases, according to the Department of Health.

Let’s see where we are in another year, shall we?