One Wily Coyote Speechwriter Slipped A Rickroll Into Melania Trump’s Speech

Hmmmm. Melania Trump should probably just fire all of her speechwriters, hey.

As well as one (or more) of them straight-up lifting parts of her GOP convention speech yesterday from a 2008 Michelle Obama speech, one of her speechwriters managed to pull off a Rickroll at the highest scale… and we nearly all missed it.

Didn’t catch that? Let us spell it out for you.

“He [Donald Trump] will never, ever give up, and most importantly, he will never, ever let you down.” – Melania Trump.

Of course, someone has already put the two together.

The internet is burning up in conspiracy theories right now. Was it truly a mistake? Did somebody – or perhaps even Melania herself – add that line because it was a right and true representation of Donald Trump’s focus and determination?

Or are we witnessing the most public trolling the world has ever seen?

Then again, even IF Melania and/or her traitor speechwriters were simply trying to troll us all, it would only be extremely on brand with Trump’s entire campaign thus far, which has been nothing if not one giant fucking troll that will likely doom us all.

Photo: Getty / Carolyn Cole.