One-Punch Killer Kieran Loveridge Accused Of Violent Prison Assault

Talkback radio host Ray Hadley has made a damning allegation against Kieran Loveridge, claiming, based on a tip, that the convicted killer assaulted a fellow inmate while in prison.
In July of last year, Loveridge was jailed after killing teenager Thomas Kelly with a single punch to the head. When an appeals court found his original sentence of five years and two months to be “manifestly inadequate”, it was doubled. 
Late last year, Loveridge’s legal team announced their intention to appeal, arguing that the masses of media attention surrounding his case would make him unlikely to offend again.  
This morning, however, Hadley broadcast an explosive allegation against Loveridge, claiming that he and another prisoner were responsible for an assault on a fellow inmate.

Hadley said:

“I got a tip that a prisoner at Kempsey Jail had been bashed by another prisoner, and the tip I got was the person doing the bashing was the aforementioned Kieran Loveridge. We have gone to the Department Of Corrective Services, and they tell me this – two prisoners have been segregated, been regressed in classification, and will be moved to other centers, after an assault at the mid-north coast jail on March 10. This is in Kempsey. A 22-year-old man and a 21-year-old man allegedly assaulted a third inmate, aged 31, in their cell, so they got one bloke and gave him a hiding. [The] victim received treatment in Kempsey hospital for facial injuries, and returned to the center. I’m told that the victim had his head stomped on and came out [with] a fractured eye socket. 

Now, I note that Kieran Loveridge was 18 in 2012, which would make him 21 in 2015 – I can assure you the 21-year-old was Kieran Loveridge, who bashed the 31-year-old in the company of an unnamed 22-year-old. So, here we have someone who’s already in jail until May 2026, and the way he passes his time is by stomping on the head of another inmate and fracturing that other inmate’s eye socket. Now, Kieran Loveridge is the 21-year-old in this assault. 

There’s one thing to do with Kieran Loveridge, and I don’t know whether Mr Severin [NSW Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin] takes much note of what I tell him, but he belongs in maximum security in Goulburn Jail, [where] he can’t perpetrate the sort of crimes that he perpetrated on the streets of Kings Cross, and continued to perpetrate in jail. [He] will no doubt be charged, and hopefully when they sentence him, it will be tacked on to his already lengthy sentence. You can’t believe it, can you? Just no rhyme or reason.”

Thus far, Hadley is the first and only person to make this allegation. He did not reveal his source, nor specify why he was able to “assure” his listeners that Loveridge was indeed behind the assault.

We’ll follow the story as it develops.