You may have seen a shocking and devastating video circulating Facebook last month, of a police officer brutally shooting and killing a placid, non-vicious dog in broad daylight, in the middle of a suburban WA cul-de-sac. 

The video spurred the movement ‘Justice for Biggie’, created by his owner – who was obviously devastated by the unnecessary use of force resulting in the loss of his canine best mate. His owner, Pat Wharram, said this about his gentle pooch:

“[Biggie] was the biggest sook. He had to be always getting a pat from someone, if you stopped patting him he would nudge you. My dog was raised to be loved.”

While this dog-loving writer personally couldn’t bring herself to view the footage (and for ethical reasons, will not link it in this article now), rest assured that the video is graphic in nature and absolutely heartbreaking.

The officer was cleared of any wrongdoing shortly after. 

However, reports have surfaced today that the WA police officer who shot Biggie was one of the three officers stood down for failing routine random drug tests yesterday. 

The three officers tested positively for ‘amphetamines and methylamphetamines’, while on duty. 

Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan said that the two incidents were not connected, and that the officer in question had been stood down purely for his positive result on the drug test. 

But, we feel karma is at least somewhat, hopefully, at play here. RIP, Biggie, you gorgeous pup 

One Of The WA Cops Stood Down For Drugs Shot An Innocent Dog Last Month

Source: ABC

Image: 9 News.