One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts Is Freaking Out ‘Cos He Reckons We’re Gonna Be Forced To Eat Bugs

Malcolm Roberts, Queensland senator for One Nation and “conceptual penis” believer, is VERY concerned right now. Roberts has shared a post from Queensland Health on his socials, and bada bing bada boom, has decided we’re about to enter into a timeline where we’re all force-fed bugs by the government.

The post has some layers to it, and it’s also from a guy who has been known to post to Facebook no less than seven times per day. Relentless.

So take a deep breath and let’s break it down.

The original post from Queensland Health explains that the department are testing crickets for human consumption.

“Insect farming is growing in Queensland and the Public Health Unit has a role monitoring suppliers of these goods to ensure they are creating these products safely before they make it to the family dinner table,” said Environmental Health Officer Hazel Chappell, as per the post.

In 2021, the CSIRO published a roadmap for growing Australia’s edible insects industry.

“Insects have high-value nutritional profiles, and are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc, folic acid and vitamins B12, C and E,” the roadmap said.

“Commercial insect farming is considered to have a low environmental footprint, requiring minimal water, energy, and land resources.”

Sounds kinda cool right? By the way, crickets suitable for human consumption are actually already available to Aussies via the good ol’ internet.

Also, according to the ABC, there are 60 native insect species traditionally consumed by First Nations peoples in Australia.

So back to buddy boy Malcolm. Unfortunately. Malcolm was very upset by Queensland Health’s post, sharing it to his own page and adding,

“‘tHe GoVeRnmEnT MakINg yOU eAt BugS Is jUSt a CoNSpiRaCY’

Oh really?”

Wow. It boggles the mind how one man can have so much fly just all the way over his baldy bald head. He didn’t stop there, either.

Malc-Malc then trotted over to Twitter to share even more of his thoughts on the matter.

“One Nation will protect your right to choose your diet, whether it’s meat, veggies or any combination.”

“We oppose the Food Summit’s recommendations of restricting the world to just one bite of red meat per day. We will not “shut up and eat the bugs,” he insisted.

By the way, the Food Summit he’s referring to here appears to be last year’s Food Systems Summit, hosted by the UN. It was all about finding new, sustainable global food systems.

Malcolm, no one is forcing you to eat bugs. No one is saying “shut up and eat the bugs”, even though that is a very funny image.

Malcolm Roberts is a climate change denier, and has made it his business to annoy the CSIRO for several years now.

Also don’t forget that this is a man that once made cum his profile pic. TBH I wouldn’t be taking culinary advice from the likes of him.

Pass me the crickets!