We now know where One Nation draws the line, and apparently it’s here. 

Overnight, the party dumped Queensland state election candidate Shan Ju Lin, who had been pre-selected to contest the seat of Bundamba, over homophobic posts that she made on her official Facebook page.

Earlier this week, Lin made a post linking to a news article about two gay men who were accused and later cleared of sex crimes. In it, she wrote that “gays should be treated as patients” and “abnormal sex leads to abnormal crimes.” 

Party leader Pauline Hanson initially chose to suspend Lin when contacted by a journalist about her Facebook  post, saying:

“I was informed of Miss Lin’s comments last night and immediately suspended her as the endorsed candidate. Her comments are totally out of touch with my views and those of the party.”

After her suspension, Lin continued to make denigrating comments on Facebook, and last night, the party executive informed her that she had been dumped as a candidate. Per the Courier Mail, she was told:

“These are not the views shared by Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, nor the views of your fellow candidates and the general public. Pauline Hanson has instructed me to inform you, effective immediately, you are no longer the endorsed candidate in the seat of Bundamba for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.”

It is understood that Lin is currently in Taiwan, but she has made a statement to supporters via Facebook saying: “No matter what happened, I will continue to hold the values that we are holding.” 

In a 2016 radio interview, Pauline Hanson said that she would support the result of a popular vote on same-sex marriage, but until then, gay and lesbian people who want to get married should move to a country where it’s legal

What a fascinating time to be alive. 

Source: Courier Mail.

Photo: Facebook.