Mack Horton has discovered an unexpected health benefit of being an Olympic-level athlete – the exposure from his Rio triumph lead to a fan pointing out a worrying mole on the 400m freestyle gold medallist’s chest. 

In an Insty post from a lil’ earlier this afternoon, Horton gave a shout-out to the fan who “emailed the swim team doctor and told me to get my mole checked out. Good call. Very good call.” The shot highlights the bloke’s trademark specs, and a healthy amount of bandaging across the affected area:

A photo posted by uo??o? ???? (@mackhorton) on

Horton’s Snapchat reveals the champ had the mole removed yesterday in Melbourne.

Already, the Melanoma Institute has praised Horton for being so immediately open about the operation, and rightly so. If you feel so inclined, y’all can peep their self-checking guidelines right here. 

As for Horton, the bloke is expected to compete in next month’s short-course championship in Brissy. This time around, he might even be a bit more aquadynamic.


Source: Brisbane Times /
Photo: Mack Horton / Instagram.