Oh Look, Your Dad Just Explained Who Tupac Is To The House Of Reps

Liberal MP Luke Howarth has proved himself to be the world’s biggest Salada during a debate in Parliament about the Social Security Legislation Amendment. 
Howarth was discussing his electorate’s Job Seeker Boot Camp (charming title, no?) – an initiative that seeks to encourage young people on Newstart to actually engage with their prospective employees. 
The MP recounted a convo with an ~unemployed youth~ who rocked up to the boot camp, and came to the interview wearing a Tupac t-shirt. Howarth didn’t seem to think this attire appropriate for the kind of professionalism one would hope to glean from the program, and thought he should contextualise just who this elusive Tupac might be.
“I don’t know if you know who Tupac is,” the wise sage explained, “but he’s a deceased rapper.” 

Old mate proceeded to describe how, on said tee, Tupac is giving the finger. He then felt it necessary to literally demonstrate what giving the finger is, by flipping off sitting members about seven times. 
It is an absolute delight to behold, but holy cabbage. What an absolute cracker. 
Ah, Auspol. It feels good to be back after the sheer sophistication of the US election
Source: Twitter @Rashidajourno.