Whether you agree with his politics or not, it’s hard to deny Barack Obama is a sensible man. Despite their opposition, his policy stances have come from careful consideration and a desire to make things a lil’ better for America.

By and large, the nation has also been alright with entrusting him with top State secrets for eight years. The bloke has a good head on his shoulders, and even his snack of choice – exactly seven almonds, if reports are to be believed – suggests a kind of calm restraint. 

Conversely, Donald Trump doesn’t seem like a seven almond kind of guy. 

Regardless, James R. Clapper Jr., head of National Intelligence, has revealed that now Trump and Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton have been selected as the nominees for President, it’s now time for each of them to receive top-secret briefings on national security.

Clapper says there’s not a smidgen of hesitation to clue either candidate in, and that no security clearances are needed. Being a nominee is all that’s required for the nation’s spooks to drop truth bombs on you.

Presidential candidates are offered the briefings so that if they win, they aren’t immediately overwhelmed by the likely boggling realities of the USA’s confidential info. That’s a solid plan, until you realise Trump also just incited Russia to hack the Democrats’ emails. 

OH GOOD: Donald Trump Will Soon Be Clued Into Actual Top-Secret Info

Clinton seems more capable of handling those deets – after all, she was Secretary of State, and was even in the mission control room when Osama Bin Laden was killed – but her prior use of insecure email servers has some experts pretty bloody concerned. 

While the briefings won’t cover the status of currently covert operations, Time reports they will go over the details of certain security threats, and even America’s stance on nations such as Syria, China, and yes… Russia.

The meetings will begin this week, but feel free to brief yourself on each candidate’s tweets regarding national security. Oh, and pass the nuts. 

Source: The Age.
Photo: John Moore / Getty.