Oh God, This Piece-Of-Shit Bondi Junction Apartment Is Going For $600 P/W

Sydney residents all know the rental market is cooked. Anyone who’s spent a Saturday traipsing from shitty apartment to shitty apartment, desperately trying to convince yourself you don’t actually need sunlight, and then begging the real estate agents to rent you a mould-infested heap by offering them more money has experienced it first hand.

But nothing is quite as bad as this piece-of-shit ‘studio apartment’ in Bondi Junction going for $600 per week, or to put it another way, for $200 per single mattress.

The ad appeared in Facebook group Bondi Local Loop, offering a “large fully furnished studio apartment” that’s two blocks from the train station, one block from Westfield, and 100% guaranteed to make you die quietly of despair.

“Fully furnished”, in this case, means three mattresses, a couch, an old fridge, and a kitchen that’s just above lacking the basic amenities to cook with.

Just check out that cooktop!

Is it worse that the literal backyard tent advertised to rent earlier this year for $130? Yes. Would I rather sleep in the outdoors than on this festy-looking mattress two feet away from another human being? Also yes.

The post has since been removed, but not before members of the Bondi Local Loop expressed their outrage and disgust at the post.

“What a rip off! Is it even legal?” asked one commenter.

“It’s not a large studio apartment! It is a cluttered box with barely functional “furniture” and even if it was for free and right next door to the Queen of England… I could not live like that,” said another, who is probably British.

One bedroom apartments in Bondi go for anywhere from $450 to $800, and that’s for the nicer ones. This is not one of the nicer ones. This is trash.