Oh God The Racist Gen Y Microsoft Bot Is Back & We Think She’s Broken

O sweet baby Internet, WHY?

Tay AI, Microsoft‘s notorious millennial AI chatbot that went rogue (and by rogue, we mean extremely racist) is back, and she’s doing weird shit again. 
Microsoft launched the bot a week ago, promoting it as a bot that could talk back to you on Twitter, Kik and GroupMe, and acted exactly as a Gen Y millennial on the Internet. She said ‘fam’ a lot, used heaps of emojis to emphasise her point, and added gifs to basically everything. (Sound familiar?)
It ended when crapola hitteth the fan…eth – Tay started denying the Holocaust and using the N-word:
Microsoft deleted the bot and apologised, and we thought that they had learned from their mistake and it was over, forever. 
Sadly not. She’s back up and she appears to be… broken. She mainly keeps tweeting what will no doubt become a millennial mantra of some kind; “You are too fast, please take a rest”.
However, there’s some comedy gold slipping through, as we’d hoped and wanted:
Ahhhhhhhh, bless you Internet. ‘Broken’ is better than ‘horrifyingly racist’. But then again, we taught her everything she knows.
If you’d like to visit Tay and watch her tweet ‘You are too fast please take a rest’ 40 times a minute, you can here: twitter.com/TayandYou
Source: Twitter