If you were having a semi-reasonable day, we apologise for the content of this article. It’s never fun reading – or writing, FYI – about a series of malicious attacks on fkn penguins, but here we are. 

Oh FFS: Absolute Flogs Have Attacked Melbourne’s Little Penguin Colony

St Kilda’s hidden-in-plain-sight Little Penguin colony has suffered a spate of violence at the hands of absolute flogs, with wildlife volunteers in the Melbourne area reporting at least one bird’s death in the past month. 

The Age reports one of the bloodied birds was discovered within the colony’s protected area early yesterday morning, after a volunteer found a group of young blokes clambering all over the birds’ home. 

Ivan Leong
said “they started climbing all over the rocks, harassing the penguins, chasing them and grabbing them,” before he told ’em to rack off. 

Shortly after, others in the area alerted Leong to the injured bird. He took a photo of the animal, which was later shared on the group’s Facebook page, prompting an angry response from everyone who doesn’t get their kicks by hurting innocent wildlife.

The aftermath of an attack on this St Kilda Little Penguin by a group young people in the early hours of this morning….

Posted by Earthcare St Kilda on Thursday, 24 March 2016

On March 11, witnesses also reported seeing a man punting one of the poor things; its body was discovered shortly after. 

Terry Lobert, another volunteer, said “I just can’t imagine what goes through people’s heads that they want to kick a little, cute defenceless penguin.” Neither can we, Terry. 

The RSPCA has also flagged the recent cruelty as part of a definite trend, and Parks Victoria have been in contact with Earthcare discuss how best to protect the burgeoning colony – apparently just knowing innocent wildlife shouldn’t be harassed isn’t enough. 

Source: The Age / SBS. 
Photo: Boy_Anupong / Getty.