Oh Boy, OzEmite King Dick Smith Has Thrown His Support Behind Pauline Hanson

Everyone’s favourite purveyor of shithouse Vegemite ripoffs and lover of reduced population growth Dick Smith has thrown his lot behind Pauline Hanson and her party One Nation, offering to advise them before the next election.

Smith, who is known as much for his ‘patriotism’ as he is for his numerous business ventures, told the Herald Sun that he plans to meet Hanson before Christmas to provide advice, and that he agrees with her support for reduced immigration numbers and also her support for Julian Assange.
But – he absolutely takes pains to stress – he doesn’t agree with her hot takes on Muslim immigration. Which is a little bit like saying you support Pol Pot for everything except that pesky mass executions policy.
“I support her policy on Julian Assange. I support her immigration policy. She says she’s going to have a policy to help general aviation. I’ll certainly support that,” Mr Smith said.

“I agree with her views on immigration numbers, that is about 70,000 a year, not 200,000. But I do not agree with her views on Muslim immigration.”

Ole Dicky reckons that Hanson will lead a Trump-like movement which will sweep notionally Liberal or conservative areas like Sydney‘s North Shore. But Muslims are fine, remember. He just likes her for all the other stuff, and not the thing she talks about 95% of the time.

“So many of my friends who normally voted Coalition reckon they are going to vote for Pauline Hanson,” he said. “You only have to look at what happened in America with Trump. “People are so disillusioned with our present party politics. Our politicians don’t tell the truth. They’re all actors.”

There ya go, Dicky. A late-stage turn towards radical rightwing populism can only be a boon for the brand.
Source: Herald Sun.
Photo: Dick Smith.