Very Lost Dog Spotted Swimming 220km Offshore Rescued By Thai Oil Rig Workers

What’s the furthest distance from shore that you would expect to find a swimming dog? Having previously been the owner of a dog that would gladly swim directly out to see the moment he even briefly lost sight of the shore — requiring him to be followed and retrieved — I would say that 700 or even 800 metres would not be in the realm of the ridiculous. That is a wildly conservative estimate, it turns out.

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As the BBC is reporting, workers on an oil rig 220 entire kilometres off the coast of Thailand spotted an exhausted brown aspin that was paddling nearby on Friday.

The Bangkok Post has reported that the dog, dubbed Boonrod (meaning ‘survivor’), is believed to have fallen off a fishing trawler.

Visitak Payalaw, a Chevron employee working on the rig, said on Facebook that Boonrod had been returned to shore on Monday morning and would be taken to a veterinary clinic in Songkhla. He added that if the dog was not claimed, he would take him back to his home in Khon Kaen Province.