Off Duty Cops Get Their Party Shut Down By Other Cops, Taste Their Own Medicine

In a satisfying instance of karmic retribution avenging every single time your harmless little house party got shut down by the cops, a group of off-duty police officers got a taste of their own medicine last week when the boat on which they were having their Christmas party was stopped by another group of cops and deemed to be illegal.

Per Fairfax: “The off-duty officers, understood to be from a suburban police station, were partying on a boat cruising the Yarra River near Docklands on Friday when it was stopped by Water Police for a routine check. It was soon discovered that the party boat was operating without the correct liquor licensing. It later became apparent the boat was full of off-duty police officers, making the inspection rather awkward.”  
“Nine boats were checked on the night with seven minor breaches detected,” police said in a statement.  “A number of off-duty Victoria Police employees were among patrons on one of the boats checked. The boat was allegedly found to be in breach of licensing conditions.”

Like I’m positive some part of the bible says, let he who has not power-spewed off the back of their mate’s houseboat cast the first stone. 

Via The Age