Obvs Rebel Wilson Is Celebrating Her Defamation Win ‘Legally Blonde’-Style

She took to her social media accounts to celebrate her hardworking legal team, and to thank her fans for their support.

Wilson told the media outside the court this afternoon:

“I was confident from the start. This has definitely been a long and very hard fight. But I felt like I had to take a stand against a bully. Their conduct can only be described as disgraceful.

“I look forward to rebuilding my career. I am grateful it’s all over. It’s a win for everybody who gets maliciously taken down. You guys have probably heard of tall poppy syndrome. This happened to me. I didn’t deserve it.”

Her case against Bauer Media alleged that articles published in magazines Woman’s DayWomen’s WeeklyOK Magazine and New Weekly from back in 2015 defamed her by painting her as a serial liar. 
A jury ruled that each article was substantially untrue, and that Wilson’s career suffered serious harm because of their publication, meaning that Wilson is well within her rights to start a worldwide victory lap (damages are going to be settled in a separate case, and there are rumours that Bauer might have to cough up a lot of money).
Check out Wilson’s Instagram celebrating the win for a full statement from her. We love you too, Rebel.

Just crushed my defamation case in Australia x thank you to all my family, friends and supporters! I had to take a stand. I had to stand up to a bully, a media organization Bauer Media Group who maliciously took me down in May 2015 with a series of grubby and completely false articles. Far too often tabloid magazines and the ‘journalists’ who work for them don’t abide by professional ethics. Far too often their conduct can only be described as disgraceful and disgusting! I’m glad that the lovely ladies of the jury have agreed with me. Their unanimous and overwhelming verdict has sent a clear message. I love my job as an actress and as an entertainer and I look forward to rebuilding my career now that the record has been set straight. Thank you so much everybody!

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Source: SMH.
Image: Twitter / @RebelWilson.